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Public Relations Practice

Why Study Public Relations Practice?

In the Information Age, big corporations, small businesses, government agencies and departments, non-profit organisations, the public and even individuals such as politicians and celebrities need a Public Relations function responsible for gathering and distributing information. The main task of a Public Relations (PR) Practitioner is to communicate with the public, consumers, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders with the aim of maintaining a positive image of the organisation.

Since communication is at the core of Public Relations’ nature, it includes a deep understanding of the recipients of the messages, and researching the interests, concerns, wants and needs of stakeholders is very important. Through this understanding, the Public Relations Practitioner is tasked with maintaining mutually beneficial and effective relationships with diverse groups of people who have a ‘stake’ or interest in an organisation’s business and social activities. PR Practitioners use the media and other techniques to keep stakeholders informed of developments in an organisation.

The responsibilities of a Practitioner may include writing speeches, news releases, website and social media content, planning and executing strategic communication campaigns, arranging and managing events, managing internal communication with employees, and managing an organisation’s reputation. The Public Relations Practitioner is also involved with creating brand awareness, and other marketing related activities. The ultimate aim of all these techniques is to engage meaningfully with stakeholders and arrive at a mutual understanding.

To study Public Relations you can enrol for the IIE Bachelor of Social Science degree with a study area in Public Relations Practice, offered at IIE MSA.

Once you have completed your Bachelor’s degree, you can continue with the IIE Bachelor of Social Science Honours degree and then the Master’s degree in Social Science, with specialisation in Communication. Both these IIE degrees are offered at IIE MSA.

What are My Public Relations (PR) Career Outcomes?

Completing your IIE Bachelor of Social Science degree at IIE MSA will help you to build a successful career in your area of specialisation. There are many opportunities, including:

  • Digital (new media, social media) Communication
  • Corporate Communication
  • Media Monitoring
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Management
  • Crisis Communication Management
  • Strategic Events Management
  • Campaign Management