Since his graduation, Monash South Africa (MSA) alumnus Obinwanne Okeke has continued to dream big, work hard and achieve incredible goals. Okeke is currently an entrepreneur and the Chairman and CEO of Invictus Group, an investment management corporation. He was recently named as one of the continent’s most promising entrepreneurs in the “2016 Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30” list. Okeke is passionate about developing many more business ventures throughout Africa, with the aim of growing economies and providing jobs within the African continent.

Okeke has always been fascinated by politics and history as they relate to the world today, which influenced his decision to major in International Studies during his undergraduate studies at MSA. Okeke also completed his Master’s degree in 2013 at Monash University in Australia, specialising in International Relations and Counter Terrorism.

Okeke cites the world class education on offer, and the opportunity to be part of a global network as the main reasons he chose to study through MSA above the many other options available to him.

Prior to completing his degree, Okeke says his time on the Student Representative Council (SRC) was the highlight of his time spent studying at MSA. The experience and knowledge gained during this time contributed meaningfully towards the leadership, discipline, management and inter-personal skills he would later transfer to his business ventures, as well as igniting in him a passion for social justice and helping those in need.

As an entrepreneur, Okeke continues to rely on the skills he developed at MSA. He is always the last to leave work, which consists of running multiple offices across the continent from his Johannesburg site office, in between travelling the globe to conduct business. The most exciting part of his job, according to Okeke, is regularly meeting young people full of interesting ideas to contribute to solving our continent’s problems.

Okeke’s journey towards the success he has achieved started from humble beginnings. His passion to not only succeed but to help others along the way flourished while he dreamt of a better future growing up in Nigeria. As Okeke puts it, “I didn’t grow up with much on my plate”. Rather than resigning himself to the difficult situation he was in, as well as dealing with the death of his father at a young age, Okeke took inspiration from his background. He began nurturing his entrepreneurial spirit and working towards the goals he created for himself.

He advises young potential entrepreneurs to never be afraid of failing, as it is part of the growth process.

“All you have to do is dream, it’s free” – Obinwanne Okeke