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Web Development

Why study web development?

With a large variety of often free web design software available, web design has become much more accessible. Many individuals who are not specially skilled in the IT or graphic design fields are now able to create websites for their own businesses, causes or customers. However, the use of this kind of freeware often underestimates both the complexities and possibilities of web development.

Web development extends beyond the mere design of a website, although usability does form an integral part of this field. It also includes additional functionality of a website, e-commerce, security issues and usability. Only when a web developer understands these and other issues can the full potential of the web be utilised effectively.

After completion of this short learning programme you will be able to:

  • Create a static website
  • Have a "point of departure" for studying various other components of web development
  • Create a basic JavaScript programme
  • Understand the most important principles of e-commerce (buying and selling online) and internet security
  • Evaluate your own and other web sites in terms of usability
  • Promote your web site, touching on visitor analytics and social media
  • This course is designed to provide an introduction to many of these topics without being overwhelming. After completing this course, you will be directed to sufficient resources to become more proficient in any of these areas.

2 days


MSA Competency based short learning programme

Who should attend?

Individuals who have experience in basic web design, as well as those who have no experience. It is expected that all delegates will have some basic IT background.

Entry requirements:
  • A National Senior Certificate
  • No programming experience required, but an interest in programming will be necessary

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