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Risk Facilitation Skills for Risk Managers, Internal Auditors and Compliance Officers

Why study Risk Facilitation Skills for Risk Managers, Internal Auditors and Compliance Officers?

Risk management is a critical capability and life skill which is needed to enhance the entity into an improved state of corporate governance and to align the organisation and its employees with the specific objectives of the enterprise. Facilitation is often referred to as the new cornerstone of management philosophy. Facilitation skills focus on creating the most conducive environments, setting the tone for open and transparent engagements and enhancing the decision-making process.  Risk Management is dependent on a competent and insightful facilitator to ensure that quality information is extracted through the facilitation process and that each and every risk which could affect the reaching of objectives are thoroughly explored.

This workshop will equip delegates with the skills to understand what facilitation is all about, as well as a number of tools they can use to facilitate risk related meetings, risk assessment processes, risk identification, analysis and evaluation in terms of the set ERM Framework and finally, to ensure that better and more calculated decisions are made to illuminate any uncertainty. A strong understating of how a facilitator can command a room and dictate the pace of a meeting / workshop / facilitation will have participants en-route to becoming great facilitators themselves. This short learning programme provides basic knowledge and skills in facilitation that can be applied across a number of work settings within the corporate governance environment.


2 days


MSA Attendance based short learning programme

Who should attend?

Anybody requiring the facilitation skills, working as a risk manager, internal auditor or as compliance officers.

Entry requirements
  • A National Senior Certificate

Specific learning outcomes of this short learning programme are to:

  • Empower delegates with the competencies and skills needed to facilitate Risk Management and other workshops on every level of the enterprise with confidence
  • Empower  delegates to probe and interrogate the risks to create visibility regarding knowns, unknowns and risks using the tools and techniques commonly used in risk minimization
  • Explain the Risk Facilitation techniques based on the International standards pertaining to Risk Management to drive better business, corporate governance and decision making
  • Empower enterprises to manage their business more scientifically and strategically while being objective driven

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