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Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting

Why study a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting (PGDip F & A) offered at IIE MSA serves to strengthen and deepen the student’s knowledge in the finance profession and specifically the discipline of Management Accounting and Finance. It enables students to undertake advanced reflection and development by means of a systematic survey of current thinking, practice and research methods in the area of Management Accounting and Finance, Strategy, Risk Management and Decision Making.

This is achieved mainly by systematic study of applicable case studies. It demands a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual independence, as well as the ability to relate knowledge to a range of contexts within the Finance and Accounting field, in order for graduates to undertake professional or highly-skilled work.

The purpose of the PGDip F & A is to provide graduates with skills valuable in the finance profession. Those skills include Management Accounting, Financial strategy and Risk management skills. Students are also to be equipped in Internal planning and control, Project relationship management, Financial reporting, Business strategy and Business report writing.

A benefit of studying this qualification, is that a graduate not only obtain an academic qualification, but also earn exemptions from various exit levels of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification. Candidates can gain direct access to the Management case study exam, and will allow an opportunity to prepare a graduate for the Strategic stage examinations. This will enable the student to become a member of CIMA and gain the internationally recognised professional Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation.

Career Opportunities

The programme is designed as a value-add for young graduates at the beginning of their careers in finance, as well as for finance professionals already working in industry or in government.

Programme Outline

ZPG4854 Internal planning and control
ZPG4855 Management accounting
ZPG4856 Project relationship management
ZPG4857 Financial reporting
ZPG4858 Business writing
ZPG4859 Business strategy
ZPG4860 Risk management
ZPG4861 Financial strategy


How to Apply

Programme Information

Learning outcomes

Graduates of this programme are expected to be able to:

  1. Render professional Management Accounting services.
  2. Compile a meaningful report in response to an accounting or business problem.
  3. Solve complex problems by effective teamwork.
  4. Identify and address ethical issues within a given scenario.
  5. Debate the need for ongoing education.

Mode of Delivery
This programme utilises a mixed mode of delivery, incorporating contact sessions, online resources and a combination of assessment methods. Learning outcomes are to be assessed by means of case studies based on real-life companies or situations. The aspects listed under the learning outcome exemplify assessment criteria/ tasks.

Formative and summative type assessment of the modules will be conducted. Continuous assessment and participation in classroom and online forum discussions will be important. There will be a formal exam as part of the final module assessment. An external examiner will be appointed for every module. The teaching staff will at all times enforce strict submission deadlines for all assignments. IIE MSA assessment policies and guidelines will apply.

Site of Delivery
The Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting is offered at the IIE MSA campus in Ruimsig, Johannesburg.

Admissions Criteria
To gain access to the Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting, prospective students must have successfully completed a cognate Bachelor Degree, Advanced Diploma, or similar qualification on level 7 of the National Qualifications Framework. Relevant qualifications would include a Bachelor Degree that would give exemptions at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) for at least the Certificate level and the subject F1 on the Operational Level, as well as the subjects P1 and/or E1 on the Operational Level (depending on the electives chosen).


1 year: Full-time

Multiple Intakes

Intake 1: February 2019
Intake 2: July 2019

Programme Code


Application Closing Dates

IIE MSA must receive your application at least two weeks before the start of that particular intake.

Fees for 2019

Annual Programme Fee: R72,332

* Note that fees are subject to an annual change.

Domestic/South African students are advise to pay 30% of their semester fee before enrolment and the balance by the published payment due date. Alternative payment arrangement can be applied for to pay each module in full before the commencement date of the module.

Payment dates are earlier if you are a commencing international student. This is to allow 6-8 weeks for your study visa applications to be processed prior to enrolment. To avoid delays obtaining a study visa, commencing international students must pay a 30% deposit before enrolling to allow 6-8 weeks for study visa applications and 50% balance on or before enrolment.

For more information regarding fees please visit the Fee structure

Students are responsible for the payment of their own transport and accommodation during the various intakes and its semesters, as well as for textbooks, computers or other devices to use the Internet.

Payment Methods

For more information on our payment methods visit https://www.iiemsa.co.za/pay-fees/

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International Students
International students’ qualifications will be assessed on an individual basis. When applying, students should submit certified copies of one of the above-mentioned qualifications as well as final grades in subjects undertaken.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting is awarded by the IIE. This qualification is on HEQSF level 8.

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