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Operational Risk Management

Why study Operational Risk Management?

Operational risk management (RAT) provides delegates with a broader view of operational risk management, the development of a RAT framework and the practical implementation of RAT within their organisation. It empowers delegates with the competencies and skills needed to identify, analyse and evaluate operational risks which have an effect and could create uncertainty on the enterprises objectives. It further provides the tools and techniques learned that will empower the delegates to make informed decisions and to probe and interrogate the operational risks and create visibility regarding knowns, unknowns and operational risks.

Operational risk management specifically drives better business, corporate governance and decision making. Lastly, it empowers risk managers to manage their business more scientifically and strategically, being objective driven.


2 days


MSA Attendance based short learning programme

Who should attend?

Anybody involved in risk related decisions and managing operational risks at the workplace.

Entry requirements
  • A National Senior Certificate

Specific learning outcomes of this short learning programme are to:

  • Have situational awareness regarding the operational risks within their own environment
  • Know the Continuous Risk Assessment process and follow through on the three phase approach to Risk Assessment
  • Have the self-confidence to analyse the Operational Risks based on sound business and operational methodologies
  • Understand the concept of Operational Risk compared with other risk types
  • Understand the basic components of an Operational Risk Management Framework and its contribution to embed a practical approach to the management of risk in an organisation
  • Understand the underlying principles and values incorporated in adopting an Operational Risk Management culture
  • Understand the link between a strategic planning process and a Risk Management process and the setting of a realistic Operational Risk appetite and tolerance
  • Understand a typical Operational Risk Management structure (Clause 4.3 of ISO 31000) and the roles and responsibilities regarding Operational Risk Management
  • Understand the Risk Management process and the value it can add to improve the management of Operational Risk exposures by implementing the relevant methodologies
  • Master one industry leading Risk Assessment Technique through a templated approach

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