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Mobile Development

Why study mobile development?

The mobile app market has exploded. Millions of applications for mobile devices are available and being able to develop mobile apps is quickly becoming a requirement for any developer, as mobile apps are already being used in a variety of industries including entertainment, finance and banking, conservation, social networking, communication and even film production.

Studying mobile development will provide you with an edge and open up new opportunities for developers, IT practitioners, managers and entrepreneurs.

When considering mobile development, you can choose between one of two modules.

Module 1: Android

Why study Mobile Development: Android?

This course will introduce you to developing native mobile apps in Android Studio for Android devices. Android is a multi-platform operating system which is used on the majority of phones worldwide. Therefore, developing native apps for Android systems can assist you in tapping into the largest mobile market in the world. Since Android development is Java-based, your Java development background will drastically reduce the learning curve. (Please note that a background in Java development is required for this course.)

Module 2: Hybrid systems

Why study Mobile Development: Hybrid systems?

Hybrid mobile apps are apps developed in one language and then automatically compiled for all platforms (e.g. Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft).

Hybrid mobile systems used to be the least desirable method for developing mobile apps, however with radical improvements in development environments, many high profile companies have made the move to hybrid apps. Hybrid systems are especially useful for creating simple apps by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This course is ideal for aspiring developers with limited programming experience (with a relatively sound knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript). This course will help you in getting to know the mobile app development space in a relatively short space of time.


5 days per module


MSA Competency based short learning programme

Who should attend Module 1: Android?

Individuals who have a solid background in Java.

Entry requirements:
  • A National Senior Certificate
  • Background in Java
Who should attend Module 2: Hybrid systems?

Individuals with some experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, interested in getting involved in more in-depth programming.

Entry requirements:
  • A National Senior Certificate
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript experience will be required, although programming experience (in any language) is recommended.

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