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Leadership Development for IT Managers

Why study Leadership Development for IT Managers ?

The world’s leading authority on change and leading change, Harvard Business Professor John Kotter, has studied change and the impact it has on organisations in all sectors for more than thirty years.  In 2010 Professor Kotter stated that change has become volatile, because change in the world is happening faster than the change in organisations and individuals. He states, “We cannot afford to function today with yesterday’s knowledge.  The only way to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world is through lifelong learning”. 

This course provides the necessary knowledge to stay ahead without keeping an individual out of the office and business arena for extended periods of time.

The programme focus on developing leaners in their capacity to lead their respective teams in their work environment by developing their skills and knowledge regarding as addressed through the four modules, which can be taken in any specific order.


8 days – 2 days per module spread over 6 months


MSA Competency based short learning programme

Who should attend

Anybody currently in a managerial position or aspiring to become a manager

Entry requirements
  • A National Senior Certificate
Assessment to determine competence:
  • Portfolio of Evidence (PoE)

The Leadership Development Programme for Managers consists of 4 modules, which can also be taken as stand-alone modules.

Two thirds of one’s success is determined by the emotional rather than cognitive intelligence, EQ rather than IQ.  This means that our ability to work with, understand and mobilise people has become much more important in today’s business environment than ever before. Working successfully with others is tantamount to working towards great results. 

Specific learning outcomes of this module are to:

  • Define and understand EQ
  • Identify the elements of a good EQ
  • Discuss EQ and reflect on the impact on teams
  • Understand the bar on subscales and how to develop each within your organisation
  • Explain EQ and the impact on leadership
  • Explain EQ and the impact on the bottom line


Typical leadership and management strategies are outdated, having been developed for the industrial revolution, however many leaders and managers still employ these outdated methods.  This workshop will assist learners to develop a new paradigm for leadership and management within a coaching framework that will empower the employees of their organisation.

Specific learning outcomes of this module are to:

  • Define leadership and explain its value within organisations
  • Identify new paradigms/theories of leadership and explain their utilisation  in organisations
  • Practice leadership in the 21st Century
  • Explain authentic leadership and discuss leadership thinking
  • Identify examples of the laws of leadership and how they apply to your working environment

There are many major differences between groups and teams.  Very few groups become teams, because their leaders or managers do not know how to build teams.  Great managers build teams. Research also shows that teams are much more productive than groups.

Specific learning outcomes of this module are to:

  • Explain the importance of teamwork in organisations
  • Show how teamwork leads to improved performance in organisations
  • Get personal at work
  • Design an inclusive future
  • Encourage healthy debate
  • Explain the values of teams and their impact in organisations
  • Embrace accountability as key to teamwork

The best way to develop talent is through managing performance. Most business literature now talks about the ‘war on talent’.  This war has also spread internationally over the last ten years, seeking good, efficient talent.  This programme will provide learners with strategic advantage in future.  How one develops and hold on to one’s talent will determine one’s success as an organisation.

Specific learning outcomes of this module are to:

  • Provide a clear description of expectations for talent
  • Facilitate difficult conversations with your talent
  • Discuss growth with talent and show the impact within in organisations
  • See the bigger picture of performance management

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