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Immovable Asset Management Programme (IAMP)

Why study Immovable Asset Management Programme (IAMP) ?

The study of immovable asset management is designed for people managing immovable assets in the public sector. It is mainly structured around the Government Immovable Asset Management Act (GIAMA), Act 19 of 2007 that provide participants with a thorough understanding of immovable asset management. The objective of studying immovable asset management is to deal with the body of knowledge regarding immovable asset management, whilst satisfying the requirements of the act.

This learning opportunity is needed for persons with limited experience regarding immovable asset management and is particularly valuable for participants who follow asset management careers applicable to the public sector. The government is the biggest property/fixed asset owner in SA and develops more fixed assets/property than the private sector, yet suffers from lack of capacity to adequately deal with the management of assets. This programme is sought after particularly by persons in the public sector, as well as practitioners that render services to government.

Specific learning outcomes of this short learning programme are to:

  • Display a keen sense of understanding the managerial challenges regarding immovable asset management
  • Contextualize the public sector’s responsibility regarding immovable asset management
  • Describe the legislative framework that governs property law as well as GIAMA
  • Explain the role players active in the broad property environment, the government asset environment and what their respective roles are
  • List the requirements for performance assessment and corrective action
  • Establish a sound scientific approach to the development of maintenance and the management of performance assessment
  • Apply the enabling "tools" to facilitate the proper operation of immovable asset management

5 days


MSA Competency based short learning programme

Who should attend

This programme is valuable for participants who often do not have adequate knowledge regarding property related management background. Trade associations have worked in cooperation with Monash South Africa and CEA in offering this programme in the past, and will be invited again to support/promote this programme. This short learning programme is very popular and attracts national and international participants.

Entry requirements
  • A National Senior Certificate with suitable commercial property industry experience (minimum of three years in the property industry). Recognition of prior learning based on relevant experience in the commercial property industry will also be considered.
Assessment to determine competence:
  • An open book test on the last of the short learning programme
  • A comprehensive assignment to be submitted within ten weeks of having attended the programme

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