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Essential Commercial Property Programme (ECPP)

Why study Essential Commercial Property Programme (ECPP)?

At its broadest level, land and property management is about the built environment; offices, shops, industrial buildings, houses and the surrounding countryside all have an impact on the quality of our lives. This programme explores the issues around the creation, management and enhancement of the world’s physical assets – everything from forests and country estates to city office blocks and major regeneration projects. As with any qualification you will develop skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Alongside these you will also develop your transferable skills such as report writing, team work and making presentations; all very important for the property professions.  You will also gain more specialised technical skills relevant to industry such as property valuation and appraisal.

This programme has been structured to provide a learning opportunity for persons in the property industry/built environment as well as for other stakeholders such as public sector employees. This learning opportunity is of value for persons with some experience in the property industry/built environment and is a continuum for the Introduction to Commercial Property Programme (ICPP). This learning opportunity caters for persons who often do not come from a traditional commercial property related background.

Specific learning outcomes of this short learning programme are to:

  • Examine the role of the property and the related economic imperatives in the context of the broader economic environment
  • Investigate and define the fundamental principles of property development as a central activity of the property industry
  • Execute feasibility studies to determine the viability of proposed investments in property
  • Calculate and schedule property investment cash flow
  • Practically execute the fundamentals of financial calculations by using a financial calculator
  • Revise the different ways of securing finance for property ownership
  • Outline the guidelines/charter to guide the development in the property industry

5 days


MSA Competency based short learning programme

Who should attend

People who have completed the Introduction to Commercial Property Programme (ICPP) or who have practical experience in the commercial property industry. This programme is a learning opportunity to master the fundamentals underpinning the commercial sector of the property industry.

Entry requirements
  • A National Senior Certificate with suitable commercial property industry experience (minimum of three years in the property industry). Recognition of prior learning based on relevant experience in the commercial property industry will also be considered.
  • Introduction to Commercial Property Programme (ICCP) short learning programme
Assessment to determine competence:
  • An open book test on the last of the short learning programme
  • A comprehensive assignment to be submitted within ten week of having attended the programme
Professional approval

Monash South Africa and Career Excel Academy (Pty) has been offering this programme in cooperation with the SA Property Owners Association (SAPOA) for many years and it is promoted by them.

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