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Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Why study a Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations?

Our Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations is a three-year qualification for both school leavers and working professionals interested in studying the complexities of managing entrepreneurial and small businesses. There is a strong focus on application of the requisite skills and knowledge to start and manage sustainable entrepreneurial and small businesses, as well as effective management within existing businesses.

This undergraduate qualification will enhance the skills set of school leavers as well as working professionals within private and government entities. The expansion of economies around the world, especially those expanding through entrepreneurship in all sectors, calls for focused and increased training in entrepreneurship and enterprise development. In addition, the ever-changing economic conditions around the globe, necessitates that individual citizens have skills that can move nations forward. Economies around the world (both developed and developing) not only need more entrepreneurs – they need better entrepreneurs.

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Programme Outcomes

  1. Manage a small business in the socio-economic context of a 21st century knowledge society in a sustainable, efficient and appropriate manner.
  2. Use ICT tools to manage a small business effectively and efficiently.
  3. Identify or design entrepreneurial products and approaches that are likely to lead to the success of a small business.
  4. Identify and respond to risks and problems that small businesses are likely to encounter

Programme Outline

The course comprises twenty-four (24) compulsory modules. Students will complete eight (8) modules per year.

Programme Information

Mode of Delivery

The Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations is designed for both school leavers and working professionals and uses flexible teaching methods. These include compulsory face-to-face contact sessions, extensive online learning using the Learning Management System (LMS), case studies and projects to apply learning into practice.


Continuous assessment is used, through challenging and innovative individual projects, case studies and assignments in each module as well as online exercises to be completed in the LMS, besides formative assessments.

Site of Delivery

This Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations is offered at the IIE MSA campus in Ruimsig, Johannesburg

Admissions Criteria

To gain access to this Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations, candidates should be in possession of a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a minimum APS score of 24, English (3) and Mathematics (3) or Mathematical Literacy (4). Alternatively, a Higher Certificate or equivalent qualification will be considered.


Students at IIE MSA can choose to complete the programme in 3 years full time or part time.


Registration: NQF Level 6, SAQA ID 97818

Programme Code


  • Semester 1: March
  • Semester 2: July
Application Closing Dates

IIE MSA must receive your application at least two weeks before the start of that particular intake.

Fees for 2019

Fees are subject to change annually.

R44,651 per annum

* Note that fees are subject to an annual change.

Domestic/South African students are advised to pay 30% of their semester fee before enrolment and the balance by the published payment due date. Alternative payment arrangement can be applied for to pay each unit in full before the commencement date of the unit.

Payment dates are earlier if you are a commencing international student. This is to allow 6-8 weeks for your study visa applications to be processed prior to enrolment. To avoid delays obtaining a study visa, commencing international students must pay a 30% deposit before enrolling to allow 6-8 weeks for study visa applications and 50% balance on or before enrolment.

For more information regarding fees please visit the Fee structure

Students are responsible for the payment of their own transport and accommodation during the various intakes and its semesters, as well as for textbooks, computers or other devices to use the Internet.

Payment Methods

For more information on our payment methods visit https://www.iiemsa.co.za/pay-fees/

Find Out More

Telephone: +27 11 950 4009

Email: enquiries@iiemsa.co.za

Programme Coordinator:

Ms Melanie Joubert

Telephone: +27 11 950 4009

Email: Melanie.Klopper@monash.edu

The following additional entry requirements apply:

  • Applicants must be over the age of 24 and have at least one year's work experience
  • A detailed CV, including a reference letter from employers to validate above and support the application

International Students

International students’ qualifications will be assessed on an individual basis. When applying, students should submit certified copies of one of the above-mentioned qualifications as well as final grades in subjects undertaken.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

IIE MSA adheres to national requirements for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and has an RPL policy and procedures in place. IIE MSA thus allows for an educationally appropriate alternative access to the programme and may recognise the following:

  • Formal learning, such as a course offered by a professional body, enterprise, private educational institution, or by any other accredited provider recognised by IIE MSA. These may include professional development or on-the job-training,
  • Experience of approximately three to five years working within the industry will be considered in conjunction with the academic record of the candidate based on the institutional policy of Recognition of Prior Learning.

RPL may be granted for admission to the programme where an applicant’s previous non-accredited formal study or informal learning is assessed as equivalent to the prerequisite qualification. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Similarly, work and practical experience will be considered in applications for Recognition of Prior learning.


The Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations is awarded by IIE MSA as a registered private higher education institution in South Africa. This qualification is on HEQSF level 6.


More information can be found by visiting How to apply

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What is a Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations?

The global economic growth, specifically the ones expanding through entrepreneurship across all sectors, has prompted the need for increased focus and training in entrepreneurship and enterprise development. The aim of this course is not only to produce a higher number of entrepreneurs but to also enhance their entrepreneurial skills. This is a three-year programme designed for working professionals and school-leavers who wish to learn the requirements and complexities of managing SMME’s. The programme focuses on the skills required to start up and manage sustainable entrepreneurial and small businesses. It also looks at the requirements for managing effectively within existing businesses.

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