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Construction Project Management Programme for Built Environment Practitioners (CPMP)

Why study Construction Project Management Programme for Built Environment Practitioners (CPMP)?

Construction project management is essentially project management that is applied in the construction industry. The different construction sectors include office/commercial, industrial and processing, hotel and leisure, public and institutional, residential, retail, and mixed-use. Construction project management involves planning a construction project (identifying a suitable location for the construction, and estimating cost and duration of the project), performing project management-related tasks at the construction site and reviewing and analysing the outcome of the construction project once it has been completed.

This learning opportunity is needed for persons with limited experience in the property and construction industry and particularly valuable for participants who often do not come from a traditional property related background. All forms of human endeavour require project management (PM) skills. In the built environment it is impossible to construct and refurbish fixed assets in an orderly fashion without sound project management skills. This skill is often lacking. The short learning programme offers a learning possibility and provides guidance in a highly competitive domain. Project managers in the built environment operate from several platforms: the client/investor; the professional teams; the contractors; their subcontractors; and many public sector agencies all need the services of PMs to obtain desired outcomes. This short learning programme is very popular and attracts national and international participants.


5 days


MSA Competency based short learning programme

Entry requirements
  • A National Senior Certificate with suitable commercial property industry experience (minimum of three years in the property industry). Recognition of prior learning based on relevant experience in the commercial property industry will also be considered.
Assessment to determine competence:
  • An open book test on the last of the short learning programme
  • A comprehensive assignment to be submitted within ten week of having attended the programme

Specific learning outcomes of this short learning programme are to:

  • Deal with the fundamentals of sound project management
  • Analyse alternative procurement processes
  • Structure scoping of projects and plan work breakdown structures
  • Execute contractual procedures, conduct procurement management
  • Maintain good time management skills
  • Identify and manage project risks
  • Communicate effectively during the execution of the project
  • Manage project costs
  • Implement quality management
  • Apply human resources management practices and procedures
  • Integrate PM processes
  • Execute stakeholder management
  • Comply to the Occupational Health and Safety legislation
  • Deal with contemporary issues when running a project

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