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Our Lecturers

Dr Sheelagh Walton

Senior Lecturer

Dr Walton is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Technology at Monash South Africa. Her research passion to determine the impacts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) interventions with the intention of empowering local indigent youths, is what prompted her to tackle and complete her Ph.D.

Dr Walton is passionate about bringing computer technology to local communities and since 2001 has worked together with undergraduate MSA volunteers to achieve this. Both the international and national conference proceedings to which she has contributed articles and presented her work, include Human-Computer Interaction, Development and Community Informatics and IT in Education.

Dr Walton has lectured in the ICT environment since 1997, focusing on programming languages. She became Java Sun Microsystems certified in 1999, which remains her main lecturing focus. She runs a full-time full day Summer School unit for the weaker programming students, to give them the opportunity to build their confidence, enthusiasm and knowledge of coding. She also supervises the Computer Gaming Club, but she inspires the undergraduate students to initiate student participation, gaming material construction, events and competitions.