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Honour's Degree

Whether you are a local or international student, choosing to study your Honour’s Degree with IIE MSA in your area of expertise is an investment in your future. As one of the leading private higher education precinct that offers IIE Honours Degrees in South Africa, we are proud of the personalised tuition structure and our focus on creating worldly, practical-minded individuals.

No matter your area of interest or expertise, at IIE MSA, we have a programme to suit you. From Business Science to Social Science or Public Health, an IIE Honour’s Degree programme offering is varied and expertly created.

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Honour’s Degrees in South Africa

Once you’ve successfully completed a Bachelor’s Degree and want to consider further study, you are eligible to study an Honour’s Degree as a next step. A postgraduate Honour’s Degree is a one-year IIE programme that is typically studied full-time and acts as an additional year of study after an IIE Bachelor’s Degree. IIE MSA does not offer part-time Honour’s Degrees or distance learning options.

Here is the full list of IIE Honour’s Degrees offered at IIE MSA;

Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences (Honours)

Taking an optional extra year of study to complete honours in your Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences offered at IIE MSA will further specialise your knowledge in a particular field of IT, increasing your employment opportunities and preparing you for the possibility of further study or research.

Click here to learn more about the Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences (Honours)

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours)

An honours degree in child and youth development, communications and media studies, criminology, victimology and criminal justice, geography and environmental science, international studies or psychology will prepare you as a future public leader, professional or manager, with relevant and highly valued specialised knowledge of society’s institutions, cultures and values.

Click here to learn more about the Bachelor of Social Science (Honours)

Bachelor of Business Science (Honours)

This Bachelor of Business Sciences Honours degree offered at IIE MSA has been designed specifically with IIE MSA students in mind. It offers the opportunity for advanced study in the specialist business areas of marketing and management in an intensively-supported and well-structured advanced programme of independent study that is locally relevant but globally focused.

Click here to learn more about the Bachelor of Business Science (Honours)

Bachelor of Public Health (Honours)

As well as providing career opportunities in health promotion and policy and public health sciences, the IIE’s Bachelor of Public Health (Honours) provides a pathway to postgraduate clinical programs and higher research degrees.

Click here to learn more about the Bachelor of Public Health (Honours)

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Economics

This Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics degree, offered at IIE MSA, offers well-blended modules that take into consideration the developmental needs of African economies, as well as the needs of firms, enterprises and the private sector.

Click here to learn more about the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Economics

How many years to study an Honour’s Degree?

An Honour’s Degree is typically completed over a one-year period of full-time study. Once an Honour’s Degree is successfully completed, most students will go on to seek full-time employment or look to study their Master’s Degree either part-time or full-time.

How much will an Honour’s Degree cost?

The cost of an Honour’s Degree with IIE MSA varies depending on the area of study you choose to specialise in. For more information on the fee structure for both South African and international students, click on the degree you are in interested above.

Fees are subject to change annually.

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