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Certificates & Diploma Programmes

Whether you’re interested in being an entrepreneur or an accountant, IIE MSA can help you get there. The IIE certificate and diploma programmes are highly-recognised and accredited, designed to give you real-world, practical skills to be able to hit the ground running. Whether you are a matriculant looking to take the leap into higher education, or a working person who wants to elaborate on your skills and knowledge, IIE MSA can help.

For more information about IIE MSA and the IIE’s diploma and certificate programmes offered, call us now on 011 950 4009.

Diploma Programme in South Africa

What is a diploma programme?

A diploma programme through IIE MSA will give you the ability to send your career skyrocketing and make you exponentially more employable than you were before. If you’re looking for a diploma programme in South Africa as well as certificate programmes, look no further than IIE MSA today.

Why study a Diploma programme?

IIE Diploma and certificate programmes are designed for both school leavers who want to learn practical, hands-on skills in a certain area as well as for working professionals within private and government entities that want to put their practical knowledge into more context.

These types of programmes also give the student the ability to become more eligible for entry into Bachelor’s or Post-graduate degrees in their specific area of expertise.

What diploma programmes are on offer?

At IIE MSA, the diploma programme list is concise yet in-depth. We have two diploma programmes, both of which are locally created for a global effect. The intention for both certificate and diploma programmes is to offer a strong focus on the application of skills and real-world abilities and to teach students how to implement knowledge directly into the working world.

Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

The Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations offered at IIE MSA, is a three-year IIE qualification for both school leavers and working professionals interested in studying the complexities of managing entrepreneurial and small businesses. There is a strong focus on application of skills and knowledge to start and manage sustainable entrepreneurial and small businesses as well as effective management within existing businesses.

For more information about the Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations (including programme outcomes, programme outlines, programme information, fee structures, and applications), click here.

Professional Certificate in Accountancy

This Professional Certificate in Accountancy is effectively a bridging IIE programme into the Chartered Accountancy pathway. Both programmes are offered at IIE MSA. The programme is designed for students who have, for example, completed a non-SAICA-accredited degree or Advanced Diploma, or do not meet the requirements to gain direct entry into IIE’s Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDip (Accounting)) programme. The programme also focuses, to a large extent, on readiness preparation for the PGDip (Accounting) programme offered at IIE MSA, to increase the successful student’s chances of passing the PGDip (Accounting) in as short a time possible.

For more information about the Professional Certificate in Accountancy (including programme outcomes, programme outlines, programme information, fee structures, and applications), click here.

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