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About the Handbook

Statement of purpose

This is the official site of the Monash University Handbook for course, areas of study and unit information at Monash South Africa. Anything published elsewhere that is inconsistent with information provided in this Handbook is not accurate.

The Handbook is the official statement of courses, areas of study and units available for study at Monash University, published each academic year. The Handbook sets out the requirements that must be satisfied for a student to be eligible for course completion and graduation.

The course, areas of study and unit details provided in this edition of the Handbook are for those students who commence their studies in 2017 – students who began their studies prior to this should refer to the archived Handbook edition for the year in which they started their course. Archived Handbooks are available online at the Monash University Australia website.m

Student responsibilities

All students must:

  • read the Handbook
  • read official University correspondence for advice on changes
  • not rely on information published elsewhere as it may not be accurate
  • check with their school for advice when planning their enrolment
  • ensure that they enrol in units to meet the course requirements in order to complete the course and graduate.


The University may:

  • not teach a course, area of study or unit in any given year
  • teach a course, area of study or unit in a different manner to that set out in the Handbook
  • discontinue or vary a course, area of study or unit at any time.



Areas of Study