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Foundation Programme

Are you determined to complete an IIE MSA bachelor’s degree but didn’t quite meet the entry requirements? Enrol in the IIE Foundation Programme and let us help you reach your dream.

Completing this one-year programme will provide you with a pathway from your current highest qualification to the requirements you need to meet for IIE MSA undergraduate studies.

There are many benefits of studying in the Foundation Programme:

  • Our Foundation Programme students have a pass rate of 81%
  • If you meet the entry requirements, you can choose from six academic study stream options
  • You will learn valuable skills including research, academic writing, referencing and the use of technology for studies
  • In more challenging units, we offer additional classes which will be especially beneficial in improving, for example, your Mathematical skills
  • We have a strong service learning component, ensuring you are engaged in real-world projects
  • You will be encouraged to join a club, society or community engagement project to utilise the skills you learn during your studies
  • We will also encourage you to enhance your leadership skills by becoming a unit class representative
  • You will have access to our impressive teaching facilities, including high-tech lecture theatres, a library with access to fully digitised collection and several computer labs
  • Projects done during the service learning component or club and society engagement will add value to your future CV
  • You will be assisted with working on your CV and LinkedIn profile in your final semester to help you start building a professional web presence for when you enter the job market