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Civil Servant Fundi Enrolment Award

IIE MSA will provide an enrolment award for the first year of enrolment total tuition fees, for all Governmental employees who secures a loan via Fundi to further their own education, assist a dependent, a family member other individuals who require support with their educational finance needs. Fundi is an easily accessible organisation with the seamless application process that can be done both on an online platform as well as by physically dropping off your application at any branch within Southern Africa.

All IIE MSA fees are subject to an annual increase as of January.

Total value of the award:

15% tuition fee discount for all your enrolled modules during the 2019 academic year.  The award does not cover textbooks, printing costs, stationery, living expenses or any traveling costs. Payments are made in the form of an automated credit note to your tuition fee account at the end of Semester 2 2019.  No cash is transferred to the student’s personal bank account.


  • Successfully completing and meeting the entry requirements to commence with course for the first time during semester 2 2019.
  • IIE MSA has received confirmation of successful loan application via Fundi on or before enrolment.
  • Successfully completed enrolment, for a full load as per the course structure during each semester.
  • Conditional upon satisfactory academic progression (i.e. successfully completing each module on the first attempt).
  • IIE MSA account must be in financial good standing (i.e. all fees for the specific module should be settled on or before commencement of each module)
  • Only for commencing students (new students).

Not eligible:

  • Successful candidates receiving this discount are not eligible for other discounts/MSA financial awards in addition to this discount.

To apply:

Withdrawing from your course

If you withdraw from your course you may have to repay the financial award.
Further terms and conditions apply.