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Having trouble paying your fees?

We can arrange for special monthly payment plans if you have trouble paying your fees. It is however very important that you notify our Fees team as soon as you realise that you need payment assistance to allow us the best possible chance of helping you.

Final notices

If you have not paid the fees on your invoice by the date stipulated, we will issue a final notice or email to you. This applies to any outstanding debt, such as unpaid tuition fees, software licencing fees,/residence fees, penalties and fines.

The final notice will be issued within two weeks of the due date of the final payment.

Fee non-payment (Encumbrance)

If you received notification of your outstanding debt and still have not paid it, your enrolment will be encumbered. Once your enrolment has been encumbered, you will have another opportunity to pay your debt before the newly specified date.

If you still do not pay your debt by the new deadline, the following restrictions will apply:

  • you will lose access to all library services, including borrowing
  • you will lose all access to the IIE MSA computer systems, including Internet (online assignments / tests)
  • you will lose access to your enrolment records, examination results and academic transcripts and
  • you will not be able to graduate until your outstanding debt is cleared

Invalidation for non-payment of fees

If you fail to comply with the last and final fee due date and all written notices to settle your outstanding debts, then your enrolment may be invalidated or cancelled. The cancellation will be effective from the applicable semester census date as per our calendar (see important dates).

International Students

If you are an international student and your enrolment has been invalidated, IIE MSA will be obliged to report you to the Department of Home Affairs for breach of student visa conditions.


If you are an invalidated student and you want to be reinstated to continue your studies (either in the same programme or another programme) at IIE MSA, you must:

  • pay all outstanding debts
  • pay a reinstatement fee
  • re-apply for admission to the programme
  • be re-accepted by your school

We will return your access to services once we process your payment. This can take up to three working days.

Academic and financial penalties

You can use the Web Enrolment System (WES) to add or discontinue modules taught in these teaching periods:

  • Semesters 1 and 2
  • The full-year
  • Specific terms
  • Trimesters

If you are unable to use the Web Enrolment System (WES), please submit an Enrolment Amendment form (available from the Student Administration Management).

It’s important to check the census and penalty dates for your teaching period before dropping a module, or you may face academic and financial penalties. These include having a “fail” recorded on your academic record, and incurring additional fees.

Adding module

Module type Last day to add module Dates to check
On-campus Two weeks after teaching period start date. Teaching period start date

Discontinuing module

Timing Penalties Dates to check
Before census date Academic penalties may apply to some teaching periods. Census date for teaching period
After census date Academic penalties may apply to some teaching periods.

IIE MSA will not backdate your changes to avoid payment or academic penalties unless we have made a proven error.

Penalties for withdrawing late

In the event that you discontinue from your programme after the census date of the specific study period you will be held liable for all the applicable fees invoiced for that study period.

Description Code Penalty
Withdrawn early WD-EARLY Financial – no financial penalty.
Academic – not recorded on transcript.
Withdrawn no load WD-NO-LD Financial – no financial penalty.
TAcademic – recorded on transcript as ‘WD’.
The following penalties apply to all modules discontinued after the census date for your teaching period.
Withdrawn late WD-LATE Financial – 100% of fees retained
Academic – recorded on transcript as ‘WD’
Withdrawn fail WD-FAIL Financial – 100% of fees retained.
Academic – recorded on transcript as a ‘WN’ fail grade.
On-campusTwo weeks after teaching period start date.Teaching period start date

Contact the Student Fee Officer

Tel: +27 011 950 4461 /4494
Fax: +27 011 950 4323