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Other fees & charges

Fees are reviewed annually

Type Description Fee
Administrative Printing (per black & white A4 page) R0,90
Administrative Printing (per coloured A4 page) R2,70
Administrative Printing (per coloured A3 page) R5,30
Administrative Faxing (per page to a South African number) R5,80
Administrative Faxing (per page to an International number) R6,90
Registration Academic transcript (1 copy) R50,00
Registration Late registration fee R1 600,00
Registration Reinstatement of enrolment after invalidation R630,00
Exams Cell phone disturbance during exam session – penalty R300,00
Fees Bank charges on South African refunds (per refund request) R100,00
Fees Bank charges on International refunds (per refund request) R450,00
Fees Student Lockers (per semester) R200,00
Graduation Replacement of MSA Certificate R1 250,00
Graduation Replacement testamur (To be arranged with Monash University Australia) for graduates of the former MSA courses offered in cooperation with Monash University
Replacement Identity card replacement R140,00

Contact the Student Fee Officer

Tel: +27 011 950 4461 /4494
Fax: +27 011 950 4323