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Faculty of Business, Engineering and Technology

Welcome to the Faculty of Business, Engineering and Technology, which offers a variety of programmes with an environment that provides both technical and integrated learning.

The new faculty structure enables the combination of well-established programmes. This enhances synergies that already exist amongst our current programmes, and also focusses on improving your orientation to evolving industry and societal needs. This means you can develop in your technical area of choice, and develop relevant skills and knowledge for industry, business and society once you leave us.

The Faculty of Business, Engineering and Technology encompasses the areas of Information Technology (IT), Commerce, Marketing, Accountancy, Business and Economics, Entrepreneurship, Management, Law, Engineering, Science and Design. The programmes of Science and Design are in the developmental phase.

A range of exciting IIE undergraduate programmes, Honours programmes, postgraduate diplomas and Master’s degrees offered at IIE MSA. It also recognises the busy working professional, whether they are at early, mid- or advanced career levels, and accommodates flexible part-time and postgraduate options.

In addition, the faculty also has tailor-made short learning programmes to accommodate the current and future needs of industry. The programmes within the faculty have been developed to ensure global relevance and recognition, and include local context. This approach enhances employability and creates the necessary skills required for industry, as well as broader society, both here and abroad.

The Executive Education Programmes within the faculty include the IIE Master of International Business and the exclusive IIE Master of Business Administration.

The IT area within the faculty offers degrees at Bachelor, Honours and Master levels. This Bachelor’s degree allows students great flexibility to choose to either study wide range of IT modules or specialise in a particular IT niche. The Honours and Master’s programmes in this area prepare students for a more specialised career in the IT industry, with a strong focus on research.

The areas of Business, Management, Accountancy and Law also offer broad, comprehensive and specialised programmes that accommodate various levels of employment and skills.

Two IIE programmes in engineering are offered at IIE MSA, encompassing both Mechanical and Electrical & Electronic engineering. These programmes are endorsed by the Engineering Council of South Africa, and their curricula are aligned with the Washington accord, allowing for global recognition.

The experience of Internationality can be enjoyed not only through the content of the programmes, but also through the international networks and students that participate within the faculty. This undoubtedly means that students leave with the requisite skills to embrace the growing global context of business, society and industry.

The faculty maintains strong links with the private and public sector, and has its essence rooted in contributing to society through its research and development initiatives, as well as through the alumni who go out into the wider world.

Faculty of Business, Engineering and Technology