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Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics

The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE)

The IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics degree offered at IIE MSA is aligned to industry, with well-defined
priorities to guarantee relevance while addressing the needs of African economies. There is a growing need for
multi-dimensional graduates with the ability to participate in an increasingly complex and dynamic local and global
economy. The Honours programme provides students with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of economics and to
develop the necessary skills to tackle the economic issues and challenges that they will encounter throughout their
careers. Emphasis is placed on attaining competence in economic analysis and its application to real-world issues. The
programme also recognises the importance of research skills to economists and introduces the student to the major
issues and practices in undertaking a research project. As such the research module offered in the programme develops
students’ essential research skills for both professional and academic contexts alongside the ability to present
and defend research to an expert audience. Placing emphasis on independent and critical thinking, analysis, research
design and methods, as well as academic discourse.

What is this Honours Degree’s accreditation status?

The IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics (BCom Hons in Economics) is accredited by the Council on Higher
Education (CHE) and is registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications
Framework (NQF) as a 120-credit qualification on level 8 (SAQA ID: 99595).

Who is the Honours Degree aimed at?

Graduate students who wish to study within the contact part-time division with an interest in furthering their
knowledge in the Economics field.

How is this Bachelor’s degree structured at The IIE MSA?

The Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics degree comprises 6 units; 3 compulsory modules, two electives and a
Research Project.  The following modules constitute the programme.

Year Module
Core (compulsory courses)

First Semester
Core (compulsory courses)
Microeconomics                                                                                               20
Practical Econometrics                                                                                   20

Second Semester
Core (compulsory courses)
Macroeconomics                                                                                             20

Two elective modules must be taken. Not all these modules are necessarily available every year
International Trade and Development                                                    10
Health Economics                                                                                            10
Empirical Finance                                                                                             10

Please note that in line with academic practice, The IIE’s curriculum is reviewed annually thus changes may
occur in module structure and sequence in order to ensure that the qualification remains relevant. The exit level
outcomes of the programme do not change. Registered students receive an updated programme curriculum on an annual

What about timetables?

The IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics can be completed in 1-year full-time or 2-years part-time. The
academic year runs from February to November.

As far as possible timetabling is designed to accommodate student needs, but timetables remain subject to change
throughout the year. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that timetable structures will remain the same during the
course of your studies. Class attendance is compulsory.

What must I pass in order to graduate with this Honours Degree?

In order to be awarded this qualification, you must have achieved a minimum final year mark of fifty percent (50%)
for each module of the programme. However, if you intend to enrol for a Master’s qualification at the end of
your studies, an average of 65% should be obtained for the honours qualification.

How long do I have to complete this qualification? 

Students have a maximum of 3 years to complete this qualification.

With what qualification will I graduate?

You will graduate with The IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics (SAQA ID: 99595).

Career opportunities: what career areas can I pursue once I have completed this Honours Degree?

The careers open to economists are challenging and dynamic, more so in the present environment of globalization.
Therefore, the Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree is highly desirable for students seeking employment as professional
economists (employers may value a level of specialisation that is not provided by a three-year Bachelor’s
degree); for students who want to do postgraduate work in economics or for students who simply want to signal
relatively high academic achievement.   This programme will prepare graduates to take jobs and internships in the
Banking and Financial Markets, the Public Sector, and International Economic Affairs, such as the World Trade
Organization, United Nations, the World Bank and the Regional Development Banks.

What are the future study opportunities once I have completed The IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics?

This qualification may enable graduates to articulate to a Master’s Degree in mainstream Economics or any
branch of economics.

It is important to remember that your academic results remain a key factor when applying for further studies.

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Disclaimer:  Please note that this fact sheet is accurate at the time of publication.  The Independent
Institute of Education (The IIE) reserves the right to alter any of the content prior to commencement of registration
due to changes in regulation, policy, market requirements or any other valid reason.