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Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance

The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE)

The IIE IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance is designed to enable understanding, implementation and interpretation of the critical role of corporate governance in business sustainability and economic growth. This is especially relevant because the relationships between corporations, their stakeholders and the societies in which they function are complex and ever changing. This is the case across the public and private sectors. There is a strong focus on internal corporate governance and internal corporate governance mechanisms, as these mechanisms are used by shareholders to mitigate the conflict between managers and shareholders such that firm value is maximized.

This programme is academically rigorous and enables students to gain the appropriate knowledge and analytical skills than can be applied in a variety of organisational settings, including the corporate, governmental and non-profit sectors. The programme enables those seeking either entry or profession in their career to extend their skills and knowledge base to better comprehend, critically evaluate and interpret the workings of doing business in Africa and internationally.

What is this Postgraduate Diploma’s accreditation status

The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance (PGDip (Corporate Governance)) is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and is registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as a 120-credit qualification on level 8 (SAQA ID: 101974).

Who is the Postgraduate Diploma aimed at?

This qualification focuses on both policy and strategic challenges, for senior managers working with boards or dealing with governance issues and directors within private and government entities. Ultimately the degree focuses on enhancing and equipping students with skills in practicing corporate governance in public and private sectors.

What entry requirements will I need to study this PGD BL degree?

To qualify, you must meet the admission requirements as set out below:

Minimum Admission RequirementsNotes
An appropriate HEQSF Level 7 Bachelor’s degree
An appropriate Advanced Diploma
An equivalent NQF Level 7 qualification
InternationalA SAQA Evaluation Certificate with NQF L7 equivalence in an appropriate field

Students who do not meet the admission requirements may be eligible for admission via alternate means such as RPL. Please enquire at the campus for assistance.

Please note, requirements for entry to this qualification are correct at the time of printing. However, these may change.

How is this PGDip (Corporate Governance) structured at IIE MSA?

There are 8 Modules of 15 credits each for the PGDip (Corporate Governance).Each module is offered over a period of 10 weeks with five contact sessions which are scheduled for every second Saturday. Contact session dates will be availed to students upon registration. This is followed by further continuous study and assignment submissions via the Learning Management System (LMS). On campus contact sessions are further supported by structured group discussions through Skype/Zoom etc. between classes. The teaching model centres on contact with students and extended contact sessions that run parallel to a student’s self- directed studies with a practical focus, using case studies and business simulations as well as discussion within syndicate groups. We accommodate shifting dynamics within the environment in our curriculum to be contextual relevant.

Please note that in line with academic practice, The IIE’s curriculum is reviewed annually thus changes may occur in module structure and sequence in order to ensure that the qualification remains relevant. The exit level outcomes of the programme do not change. Registered students receive an updated programme curriculum on an annual basis.

What about timetables?

The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance can be completed in 2-years full-time or 3- years part-time. The academic year runs from February to November.

As far as possible timetabling is designed to accommodate student needs, but timetables remain subject to change throughout the year. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that timetable structures will remain the same during the course of your studies. Class attendance is compulsory.

Work Intergrated Learning (WIL)?

It is expected that students complete case studies and projects to apply learning into practice and various assignments.

What must I pass in order to graduate with this Postgraduate Diploma?

In order to be awarded this qualification, you must have achieved a minimum final year mark of fifty percent (50%) for each module of the programme; and have met all the Work Integrated Learning requirements, where applicable.

How long do I have to complete this qualification?

The maximum duration to complete this qualification is 3 years.

With what qualification will I graduate?

You will graduate with The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance (SAQA ID: 101974).

What career opportunities can I pursue once I have completed this PGD BL degree?

This PGD BL degree  is based on a needs analysis conducted amongst South Africa business leaders and is an enhancement to any field in business and any role in organisational leadership, particularly at middle and senior management level. Specific prospects in Business Leadership as a field include:

  • Corporate Governance Manager
  • Legal and Compliance Manager
  • Corporate Governance Consultant
  • Company Secretary
  • Risk Advisor
  • Internal Control

Is it possible to study further and obtain a master qualification once I have completed the PGD BL?

The qualification is a learning pathway for working professionals in possession of any bachelor degree or equivalent qualification registered on level 7 on the National Qualifications Framework. It presents opportunities for learners aspiring to elevate their portfolio of governance responsibility in their places of work and opportunities for those who would like to transition from one discipline (especially those that are technical) to another (especially those that are managerial). Learners who successfully complete the qualification are eligible for acceptance in the Master of International Business offered on this campus, or similar level 9 qualifications

Call the IIE MSA campus to discuss your career options with one of the following:

Disclaimer: Please note that this fact sheet is accurate at the time of publication. The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) reserves the right to alter any of the content prior to commencement of registration due to changes in regulation, policy, market requirements or any other valid reason.

British Accreditation Council

The IIE is not only accredited in South Africa. It is also accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC); an independent authority in the United Kingdom that accredits private providers globally, including Greece, Switzerland, Singapore, India, Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates. In 2017 The IIE had its accreditation status confirmed by the BAC as an Independent Higher Education Institution thereby recognising the international comparability of our standards.

“South African students need to know, when they select a private higher education institution, that the standards offered are equivalent to those of a public University. Our students get this from our extensive local accreditation and registration. The IIE is also accredited as an Independent Higher Education Institution by the British Accreditation Council. Locally and internationally we have demonstrated the quality of what we offer,” said Dr Felicity Coughlan, Director, The Independent Institute of Education.

IIE MSA students can be confident that their IIE learning experience meets international best practice standards.