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Bachelor of Business Science Honours

The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE)

The IIE Bachelor of Business Science Honours aims to develop critical thinking and reflective skills in graduates
holding a Bachelor of Commerce (with one of the management disciplines at NQF level 7) or equivalent degree. In line
with industry demand, this degree will build on a broad knowledge base of business developed at undergraduate level in
order to deepen students’ insight and expertise in the core fields of management. This degree aims to extend
students’ knowledge on contemporary management theories in the modern-day business context. Students will engage
with various management theories, research methodologies and techniques with the aim of applying and advancing their
knowledge of the contemporary business world. This qualification will provide students with the expertise and in-depth
theoretical knowledge in management that will support their progression in an organisation, producing a well-rounded,
industry-ready post-graduate student.

Graduates will be equipped with a solid understanding of key management and leadership attributes, which will develop
higher level business acumen in students. The theories of management and leadership within the business context will
also be underpinned by the ability to apply solution-focused, systemic research geared towards building businesses in
a local and international context. The IIE Bachelor of Business Science Honours degree will qualify highly skilled
business managers and leaders who are able to work in and effectively contribute towards the sustainable and ethical
management of a 21st century organisation.

Through a range of cutting-edge management related competencies that includes innovation and contemporary issues
relating to business management, the purpose and outcomes of this qualification are seen as critical to preparing
students to take up positions in a variety of business and related sectors.

What is this Degree’s accreditation status?

The IIE Bachelor of Business Science Honours (Contact) degree is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE)
and is registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)
as a 120-credit qualification on level 8 (SAQA ID: 88604).

Who is the Honours degree aimed at?

Graduate students who wish to study within the contact part-time division with an interest in furthering their
knowledge in the fields of Management and Marketing.

What entry requirements will I need to study this degree?

To be registered you must have satisfied the admission requirements as set out in the following links:

How is this Honours degree structured at The IIE MSA?

The IIE Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Management degree can be completed in a minimum of a year and a half. In
addition to attending lectures, you will be expected to spend time conducting your own study plan as well as research
and work on assignments. Learning material is of the highest quality and offers students a blended learning experience
where the face-to-face teaching sessions are supplemented with specific online learning activities, digital
content/study material, relevant current textbooks and assessments.

Please note that in line with academic practice, The IIE’s curriculum is annually reviewed thus changes may
occur in module structure and sequence in order to ensure that the qualification remains relevant. The exit level
outcomes of the programme do not change. Registered students receive an updated programme curriculum on an annual

What will I study in this Bachelor’s degree?

Year Module

Core (compulsory courses)

First Semester

Management and Leadership
International Business and Management

Second Semester

Economic Sustainability
Contemporary Management and Innovation

What about timetables?

The IIE Bachelor of Business Science Honours can be completed in 1-year full-time or 2-years part-time. The academic
year runs from February to November.

As far as possible timetabling is designed to accommodate student needs, but timetables remain subject to change
throughout the year. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that timetable structures will remain the same during the
course of your studies. Class attendance is compulsory.

What must I pass in order to graduate with this Honours Degree?

In order to be awarded this qualification, you must have achieved a minimum final year mark of fifty percent (50%)
for each module of the programme. However, if you intend to enrol for a Master’s qualification at the end of
your studies, an average of 65% should be obtained for the honours qualification.

How long do I have to complete this qualification?

Students have a maximum of 2 years to complete this qualification.

With what qualification will I graduate?

You will graduate with The IIE Bachelor of Business Science Honours (SAQA ID: 88604).

Career opportunities: what career areas can I pursue once I have completed this Honours Degree?

This programme is for students hungry for knowledge, wishing to develop their critical thinking and analysis, and
passionate about adding sustainable value globally and locally.

Graduates, who are sought after for their specialist expertise, will have comprehensive and relevant business-related
research skills, the ability to contribute to meeting key global business and society challenges, and a clear pathway
to academic or industry research careers.

What are the future study opportunities once I have completed The IIE Bachelor of Business Science Honours?

The IIE MSA Bachelor of Business Science (Honours) degree is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and
is registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as a
120 credit qualification on level 8 – the same level as other equivalent post-graduate degrees at other South African
higher education institutions. What this means is that, subject to the specific programme entrance criteria, the
opportunity to apply for further study at NQF level 9 (Masters) at any South African higher education institution does

It is important to remember that your academic results remain a key factor when applying for further studies.

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Disclaimer:  Please note that this fact sheet is accurate at the time of publication.  The Independent
Institute of Education (The IIE) reserves the right to alter any of the content prior to commencement of registration
due to changes in regulation, policy, market requirements or any other valid reason.