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Child and Youth Care

Why Study Child and Youth Care?

Child and Youth Care promotes and facilitates optimum development of children and adolescents with both normal and special developmental needs, ensuring their effectiveness within all the contexts in which they function. Poor early life experiences can lead to harmful outcomes, from underachievement of potential to delinquency and deviancy.

It is estimated that there are about 90 000 children in 50 000 child-headed households in South Africa. During Child Protection Week 2018, it was indicated that 41% of reported rape cases over the last 3 years involved children and that 1 in every 3 children experienced or witnessed various forms of violence in their homes or communities. Furthermore, the average population age in South Africa is young and this makes the need for adequately trained professionals to address the issues of children and youth even more of a national and international priority.

The IIE Bachelor of Child and Youth Care offers modules in professional development and ethical conduct; development domains and stages; health and safety requirements; assessment and intervention; community profiling and social network analyses; child abuse and family functioning; intermediary services in courts; managing of community projects, and experiential learning through a four-month field placement with organisations such as a juvenile detention centre, special needs hospital care, children’s home and child abuse treatment centre.

To pursue a major in Child and Youth Development you can enrol for the IIE Bachelor of Social Science degree offered at IIE MSA. If direct access to this degree is not possible, you can explore entry through the Social Science stream of our Foundation Programme.

Following completion of your three-year Bachelor degree, you can enroll in the IIE Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) programme with a specialisation in Child and Youth Development, also offered at IIE MSA.

Double Majors

To amplify your studies and shape your career of the future, choose to double major at no additional cost when studying the IIE Bachelor of Social Science. Pair your Child and Youth Development major with Criminology and Criminal Justice or Psychology, and electives in Public Health.

What are My Career Outcomes?

Completing your IIE Bachelor of Social Science at IIE MSA, with a specialisation in Child and Youth Development, will equip you to promote the optimal development of children, youth and their families in a variety of settings, such as:

  • Childhood development,
  • Community-based child and youth care programs,
  • Parent education and family support,
  • School-based programmes,
  • Residential child care centres,
  • Paediatric health care,
  • Juvenile justice programmes, and
  • Private Practice.

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