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Monash South Africa Application Declaration

  1. I have read MSA’s rules, statutes, regulations, policies and procedures and the relevant course information provided including course structure and requirements and undertake to abide thereto.
  2. I warrant that the information I have entered on the online application form, or provided in support of my application, is correct and complete.
  3. I acknowledge that the provision of incorrect information or the withholding of relevant information relating to my application, including academic transcript/s may result in MSA refusing to assess my application, withdrawing an offer of a place or cancelling my enrolment.
  4. I agree to pay all fees and charges due and payable by me to MSA, which includes:
    1. any arrears and interest on arrears;
    2. and any costs of recovery, including attorney-and-client scale fees and/or collection commission;
    3. fees even if I do not make use of MSA’s facilities if I do not inform MSA in writing of withdrawal from studies or a course by the prescribed date(s).
  5. I am aware that I am required to pay a non-refundable application fee of R350 when I apply which will not be refunded if my application is successful, nor will it be allocated toward my tuition fees when I proceed to enrol.
  6. I am aware of the estimated total course fees at MSA and living costs. I understand that the total course fees do not cover the cost of books, materials, field trips or any additional cost related to my course, unless otherwise specified.
  7. Should MSA determine that I have submitted incorrect information or a false document, I consent to MSA disclosing this information to other relevant tertiary institutions.
  8. I consent to any educational institution at which I have been a student and/or my current or any past employer, providing MSA with information which that institution or employer holds about me for the purpose of MSA verifying my attendance, conduct, grades and/or qualifications or experience in order to assess my eligibility for an offer and/or enrolment.
  9. I understand that if any educational body or institution does not supply these records, it may impact the assessment by MSA of my application.
  10. I agree that MSA may cancel my admission if its continuation may, in the option of MSA, place MSA in breach of any applicable law, including any law that implements UN sanctions.
  11. I have read MSA’s statement on privacy and the purposes for which my personal information will be used and I understand, accept and agree that MSA:
    1. may keep and process data and documents in electronic format, including the personal data supplied by me in any admission form and my image and fingerprints (both to be used solely for identification purposes);
    2. may use and transfer such data and use such documents in electronic or other formats,
      including submission of data for the National Learners’ Record Database and other returns as required by the Department of Higher Education and Training;
    3. may place my records of qualifications awarded in the public domain;
    4. may process my personal information in accordance with its rules and policies for academic
      and administrative purposes, including disciplinary processes and that MSA may use electronically generated documents in place of the originals signed by me.

For international students intending to study at MSA, the following applies in addition to the above declaration statement:

  1. I declare to have sufficient funds to support myself and my family unit members (if applicable) for the TOTAL period of my studies including proposed course fees for myself and any school-aged family members, Overseas Student Health Cover, living costs and travel costs, regardless of whether my dependents intend to accompany me.
  2. I declare that I am medically and physically fit to undertake full time studies.
  3. I declare that I am aware of the applicable study visa requirements to commence with my studies at MSA. In the event MSA forms the opinion that I did not adhere to the visa requirements MSA may refuse to assess my application, withdraw an offer of a place or cancel my confirmation of enrolment.
  4. I waive all claims against MSA and indemnifies MSA of any damage or loss suffered from whatsoever cause arising while I am, or as a consequence of me being a MSA student.
  5. If I am a minor, I have the consent of my parent(s) / guardian to submit this form.