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About our research

We are committed to playing a dynamic role in the future development of South Africa and our continent by being active knowledge creators through our integrated approach to research, innovation, teaching and learning.

We tailor our research mandate and capacity to optimise the output and impact of our academic work.

It is imperative to ensure that all our graduates are well prepared for their role in society and therefore we focus on preparing them to create, manage and use information and knowledge productively.

About our research

IIE MSA’s research themes relate to:

  • Growing the economy; this includes addressing poverty, unemployment, education, infrastructure and manufacturing
  • Health challenges
  • State capacity and its role in development, including social justice, inequality and leadership/governance
  • Sustainability – addressing energy, water, food security and environmental challenges
  • Growing through innovation and technology
  • Higher education


Research theme

In order to enable a sharper focus and greater global reach, our research is directed by the following themes read more

Water research

The Water Research Node addresses the sub-Saharan African water and sanitation challenges. As the world’s poorest region read more


Insaka is an African-centred community of practice for management of social ecological systems. read more

Centre for Transformative Research

The aim of the CTR is to promote collaborative, innovative and impactful research read more