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About the Foundation Programme

There are six different study streams to choose from, which all relate directly to the undergraduate degrees we offer. You can choose between the Business and Economics, Health Sciences, IT, Law, Science, or Social Science streams.

You will receive continued support throughout your studies in the programme, such as having your progress monitored and receiving assistance tailored to your specific individual needs. We also offer a well-developed peer collaborator programme run by former Foundation Programme students so that you receive ongoing academic and social support.

Our academics and tutors are from South Africa and the rest of the world, giving you the best combination of local and global knowledge. Through the programme, you will develop a global perspective that will help to prepare you for further IIE MSA studies and career success. The minimum entrance requirements for undergraduate study IIE MSA can be viewed here.

Note that completing the Foundation Programme does not automatically guarantee you entry into our undergraduate studies – you will also have to meet the necessary requirements for your intended degree to be considered for admission.


You may not enrol for more than four units per semester and you must pass all eight units to gain entry into the relevant IIE MSA undergraduate programme. You will have two to three semesters to complete your Foundation Programme, during which you will need to meet all of the requirements for undergraduate entry. Students in the Foundation Programme are also subject to our policies on deferred and special consideration applications.